Following the Club’s Annual General Meeting on 29th January 2018, I write to advise of the subscription levels for the coming year. An increase to the Junior, FVH@RJT, Senior (competing) & Family memberships were agreed.

Online             Offline((Cash/Cheque)  Membership Category
£53                  £50                             Junior
£58                  £55                              Senior Competing
£21.50             £20                              Senior (Non-Active)
£21.50             £20                              Student
£26.50             £25                              Second Claim
£26.50             £25                              FVH@RJT (Falkirk Victoria Harriers at Run JumpThrow)
£5.50               £5                                Coach
£5.50               £5                                Social
£105                £100                             Family (+ £7 each competing member)

Online payments

Last year we introduced a new system, powered by, that allows you to pay online and keep your membership information up-to-date.  If you are an existing member an online account has been created and you can access it here: paysubsonline  your login details will have been emailed to you.  Last year's membership information has been imported into your online account and you should complete and amend membership details as required.

Offline payments

The following evenings are also being offered for membership applications to be submitted with payment (by cash/cheque) and blank membership forms will be available for completion.

  • Tuesday  13 March                          Thursday   15 March 
  • Tuesday  20March                           Thursday   22 March
  • Tuesday  27 March                          Thursday   29March  

A team will be available within the café at Grangemouth Stadium from 6.45-8.45 pm  to accept

In order that the club and its coaches can comply with current welfare requirements, coaches are required to endorse applications for junior members by signing their membership form.

  •     Please ensure your child’s coach has signed the Membership Form prior to submission
  •     Please note Membership Application will not be processed until completed Assistance Form has been received via Google Forms.

Google Forms make gathering the information much quicker and less of a manual task. Assistance Form can be found here

If you no longer come along to the club, please advise and we shall remove your record from the club database.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

How is my money used?

  1. We have to pay an affiliation to Scottishathletics for every competing member this is around 15% of your fee.
  2. Affiliation to the leagues we compete in takes up another 35% This includes athlete support to the upper YDL and team entries to relay competitions....
  3. Clubhouse running costs and maintenance takes up another 22%
  4. The rest is in general costs including coach development and contingency funds.

Without monies raised by Round the Houses our membership fees would be higher