Membership Renewal 2020

This section give details for existing members to renew their membership. if you are looking on how to join us for the first time please see here

Following the Club’s Annual General Meeting on 31 January 2020, I confirm the subscription levels for the coming year remain unchanged and membership renewals are now invited.  The membership categories and costs are as follows: 

Online             Offline                                    Membership Category


£53                  £50                              Junior

£58                  £55                              Senior Competing

£21.50             £20                              Senior (Non-Active)

£21.50             £20                              Student

£26.50             £25                              Second Claim

£26.50             £25                              FVH@RJT (RunJumpThrow)

£5.50               £5                                Coach

£5.50               £5                                Social

£105                £100                            Family ( + £7 each competing member)

Online payments (made through )  If you already have an account, you will receive an email direct from with instructions on how to renew. If you don’t have an online account, you will be set up when you log into the account for the first time and you will need to create a password. After you have registered a separate email will be sent from with details on making online payment. There is then the option of paying by  debit/credit card or direct debit -  a transaction fee is included in the cost of the ‘online membership fee’, as indicated above.

Offline payments The following evenings are also being offered for membership applications to be submitted in person.

Grangemouth Stadium: 

A team will be available in the café from 6.45 pm to 8.45 pm  on            

  • Tuesday      10th March                       Thursday  12th March
  • Tuesday      17th March                       Thursday  19th March
  • Tuesday      24th March                       Thursday   26th March
  • Tuesday      31st March

Club Headquarters:   Arlene Pentecost will be available to collect memberships.

Pathway Group:  Harry Baird will be available in the café 6.30-7.30 pm on Wednesday 18th March

Please bring:

Any member who has not paid their annual subscription by 1st APRIL 2020, membership shall lapse and they will no longer be regarded as a member or entitled to any benefits of membership, including eligibility for Team competition.

Notes on completing membership form – please read these carefully

  • The form asks to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Codes of Conduct and our Privacy Notice. These can be accessed in full by following the link below,The codes affect parents, athletes, coaches, volunteers....... and can be viewed here Codes of Conduct & Privacy Policy
  • For Junior memberships, to ensure that the club and its coaches can comply with current welfare requirements, coaches are required to endorse applications for junior members by signing their membership form. So, please ensure your child’s coach has signed the Membership Form prior to submission or registering with 
  • Each coach will only be able to endorse membership applications for athletes currently within their group and up to the maximum number currently permitted. Places within groups, may therefore be limited  within any group. If you can assist a coach in anyway, please discuss this with the coach or  see our volunteering section.
  • Your help is needed to run your club. This help can be from members, their parents, friends, families or the wider community. Many of these roles require no athletics experience and full training and support will be given. Please visit our volunteering section for role descriptors, and further info on volunteering

How are the membership fees used?

  • An affiliation to Scottish Athletics requires to be paid for every competing member and this is around 15% of your fee.
  • Affiliation fees to the various leagues in which we compete takes up another 35%.  This includes athlete support to British Athletics Championships and the Upper Youth Development League (YDL), as well as team entry fees for all District and National Relay competitions.
  • Clubhouse running costs and maintenance takes up a further 22%.
  • The remainder goes towards the general running costs of the club, including coach development and contingency funds.

Benefits of Membership

On production of your membership card, the following companies offer discount to club members: SUMO (sports massage in Laurieston);  LifeFit (Physiotherapy in Falkirk);  Run and Become;  Run 4 It  Further details can be found on the club website.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact us at

Caroline Lawless